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first -
welcome to my little blog :-)
This blog is mainly about one of my passions: painting my nails. Colourful fingertips are a must for me these days.

I  am a creative person and paint, sculpt and create all my life. I love colours and its effects on people. I love these polish bottles with all their magic in them.

I'm born in Berlin and live here all my life, if you disregard the 13 years I lived in the very north of Germany, at the north sea, about one hour away from the Danish border. That was an experience,  and beside enjoying my tiny garden and atelier there, it showed me that I belong here, the city. Small towns and countryside is fine for holidays :-)

I have many interests which go from history to paleontology and cooking.

You will find that I stopped in January '16 to write everything in two languages,  I haven't got the time for this double work,  sorry. I will write now one article -one language. Possibly mainly German, but sometimes English. Feel free to comment and ask whatever you like in English, I can still understand it!  ;-)

see ya, Moni

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